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Time’s up

That’s right, it’s time for the year end wrap up. My final opportunity as editor in chief to subject our readership to, well, whatever I want.

Communications announces fall leaders

With this semester’s final round of deadlines and air shifts coming to a close, three students in the communications department stand poised to take charge next semester.

Media pros meet at ULV

The Arts and Communications Building was abuzz with clever and intellectual discussion last weekend as professional and student journalists talked of media accesses, the Patriot Act and the blurring of the line between sports and legal reporting – a la Kobe Bryant.

LV to host pro journalists

Journalism and communications students have an opportunity to attend a winter workshop hosted by the Society of Professional Journalists at 10 a.m., Feb. 28 in the Art and Communications Building.

Publications see change in editorial regimes

As the fall semester reaches its end on the University of La Verne campus, several ULV students are packing up and waving goodbye to the school and the responsibilities they have had for semesters.

Campus media get new leaders

New leaders are emerging as University of La Verne students are taking charge of campus media.

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