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Journalists stand strong

Journalists are under attack and it is because of the fighting words against them from our very own president.

Islam deserves religious liberty

The religion of Islam has a current following of 1.8 billion people, yet some, including legislators challenge Islam’s status as a religion, therefore they believe, followers of Islam should not be protected by the First Amendment.

Free press essential for democracy

Last month the U.S. Senate unanimously adopted a resolution that proclaimed: “The press is not the enemy of the state,” despite our current president’s continuous attempts to instill fear of the press.

FCC regulations threaten liberty

The Federal Communications Commission closed a study on how newsrooms operate after journalists and lawmakers protested saying the FCC was violating First Amendment rights. This was a failed trial run for the Multi Market Study of Critical Information Needs, or CIN, which the FCC planned to conduct every three years for Congress.

Bill threatens food safety

Less than three weeks apart, Iowa and Utah governors signed a bill, named by New York Times food writer Mark Bittman, the “Ag-Gag” bill, that stops undercover animal abuse investigations.

Thanks for the information

The University of La Verne should not be exempt from such First Amendment protections.

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