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Bookstore manager checks in

Randy Fox has been named the new store manager of University of La Verne’s bookstore.

Textbook options abound

Fifteen out of 20 University of La Verne students surveyed informally said that they buy their textbooks from various online sources – instead of the University of La Verne Bookstore.

Students find book buying alternatives cheaper

With so many college expenses, some students are trying to save their money by purchasing textbooks online rather than buying them at the University of La Verne bookstore.

Books are expensive, money is scarce

College students account for a percentage of the population which is usually short on cash. College students support an institution that provides an education. But at the same time mandate expenses that add to student debt. These expenses range from lab fees to student activity fees and then there are textbooks.

Textbook prices can vary widely

They permit continuous learning, allow students to miss class occasionally and prepare them for exams and the professional world. They are an everlasting resource, provide access to knowledge and are excellent references, often from experts.

Textbook retailers get on Internet

For generations the campus bookstore has been the best and only way to purchase textbooks, but that has changed drastically this fall as a number of Web sites VarsityBooks.com, efollett.com, BigWords.com, ecampus.com and Textbooks.com, to name a few, have sprung to initiate an Internet book war and make buying college textbooks as easy as clicking a mouse.

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