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Freshmen embrace a different start to college experience

Most high school graduates who dreamed of the college experience, expected, or at least hoped, that it would be live and in person. Then came COVID-19.

Freshmen face mental health issues

With freshmen year comes a copious number of new stressors that have the possibility to lead to mental health issues. The American Psychological Association found that one in three first year college students struggle with mental health issues.

New students get senior advice

Seniors on campus have some advice for the incoming freshmen class, which could help smooth the road ahead for the newbies. So listen up class of 2016, to what seniors say they wish they had known back when they were freshmen.

Housing accommodates freshmen

The dramatic increase in freshman admissions to the University of La Verne and the opening of the much anticipated Vista La Verne dorm are among the major changes at the University this fall.

Tuition increases cover new programs

While the University of La Verne had an impressive increase in admitted students, that did not mean tuition was decreased. Instead it was increased 6.5 percent to $33,350 this year.

Events make freshmen feel welcome

Starting the first year of college can be exciting and scary. The only way to find out the truth is to experience it.

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