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Crowding diminishes quality

La Verne has bitten off more than it can chew with students who have transferred to the University from other institutions this semester. The problems of unusually large class sizes — combined with a lack of physical space to house classes, cars, etc. — went from bad in fall 2012 to worse this spring.

Former AAIC dean John Khanjian returns to ULV

John Khanjian has come full circle in his teaching career with his return this year to the University of La Verne.

GE changes limit learning

General education requirements at the University of La Verne have been revised. Incoming freshmen will no longer be required to take all of the Core classes that have been mandatory in the past. And each department has set its own guidelines for foreign language requirements for its own majors.

New GE: Good news for newbies

The general education requirements at La Verne are going through some drastic changes.

New GE coming in fall ‘08

The general education requirements for fall 2008 are changing – but don’t freak out.

Wagoner focuses on undergrads

Former General Education Program Director Zandra Wagoner has been repositioned to the position of assistant dean of undergraduate programs.

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