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Officials, professors target local homeless issue

In the diverse area of Los Angeles County where society seems to economically rise and fall by the city block, many find it unique that, within the La Verne City limits that the issue of homelessness remains so menial.

Magic in the streets

“Excuse me ma’am, but can you spare a quarter?” It was a simple enough request, made outside the Los Angeles Convention Center by a middle-aged man with patches on his baggy jeans and tennis shoes that had seen better days.

Man robbed of dignity

As a child, I remember jumping and poking my head out the car window looking for the two golden arches as we drove down the freeway. Once we spotted them my sister and I chanted “McDonald’s, McDonald’s” until my dad pulled off the freeway.

Letters to the Editor

In response to the article, “No pity for homeless,” I would like to apologize for the writer’s apathy and ignorance.

Letters to the Editor

Today I read the Campus Times in disbelief. Although you write interesting and updated articles weekly, I believe you failed to recognize a piece of history that was made this past week by your own women’s soccer team.

No pity for homeless

The homeless issue is never an easy issue to discuss, let alone come up with a solution. Homeless people are everywhere.

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