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Kids’ book demystifies the doctor

A little boy cries in restlessness as he waits in the doctor’s office with his mother. He is unsure what will happen once his name is called, and is scared. To calm her son, the mother pulls out her recent children’s book purchase called, “Doctor, Doctor, What Do You Do?” to read with her son.

Education loses to Social Security

The term “the children are our future” has been thrown out the window by the U.S. Congress via the latest round of proposed budget cuts. They are trying to make it nearly impossible for young adults and children in this country to expand their minds and receive a quality education.

Hospital tales

While I was eating lunch with a group of friends the other day, the topic of hospitals came up in the conversation. It seems that most of my friends have a fear of hospitals. Some are sickened by the smell, others just get “the creeps” when they walk through the door. One went so far as to say that she even fainted while visiting a relative in the hospital because of her fear.

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