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Wright discusses social justice

Retired U.S. Army reserve colonel and former U.S. diplomat Ann Wright spoke at the second annual Frederick Douglass Human Rights Lecture Wednesday in Morgan Auditorium about whether human rights are for everyone.

Students want more rights for unpaid interns

A recent sexual harassment case that was dismissed in New York found that unpaid interns are not protected by the city’s human right laws. Lihuan Wang, an intern at Phoenix Satellite Television, sued the company after her boss, Zhengzhu Liu, sexually harassed her, but a federal judge closed the case and cost Wang’s job.

Freedom to marry is a human right

On March 26 the United State Supreme Court heard an appeal to California’s Proposition 8, and the following day listened to oral arguments over the federal Defense of Marriage Act. The issue of same-sex marriage rights is all over the media and the LGBT community is listening.

Afghan scholars visit ULV for symposium

A lack of education and the absence of cultural understanding were among the reasons cited for human rights violations in Afghanistan at the Afghanistan and State Building Symposium last Friday, hosted by the La Verne College of Law. The symposium, well attended by local and international dignitaries, featured panel speakers from Afghanistan, the U.S. Afghan Women’s Council and Harvard – all of whom shared their views on human rights violations.

China should clean up its act

Since China won the bid to host the upcoming summer Olympic Games in 2001, a number of issues have been raised about the ability of the country to host this prestigious event.

Kennedy-Cuomo speaks at ULV

Using the tragic events of Sept. 11 as a catalyst for discussion, Kerry Kennedy-Cuomo, champion of human rights, spoke to an audience of approximately 30 students, faculty and staff members in Founders Auditorium Tuesday.

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