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ICE detention centers are modern day concentration camps

U.S Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention centers have frightening similarities to the concentration camps set up in Nazi-Germany and there needs to be more awareness of what is going on at the front gates of the United States to create a real change.

Transgender detainees need care

The lack of medical attention and poor mental health treatment in the only detention center dedicated to transgender migrants is only a microcosm of the overall poor treatment of the transgender and immigrant community in our country.

Treatment of immigrants inhumane

Oftentimes, the immigration debate digresses into a dispute over the constitution and open borders, the semantics and use of the terms illegal alien vs. undocumented immigrants, and the logistics of a path to citizenship and whether it should be harder or easier depending on which side of the issue you stand.

Trump fleeces FEMA

After reports surfaced on Sept. 11 of this year about the Trump administration diverting money from the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s budget to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the Administration confirmed that money was transferred from FEMA to ICE for their Enforcement and Removal Operations team, which arrests and deports immigrants who are found to be in the U.S. illegally.

La Verne facility reunites 13 kids

Following United States District Judge Dana Sabraw’s ruling on June 26, 13 children who were housed at the David and Margaret Youth and Family Services facility in La Verne have been returned to their families as of July 26.

Leave our sanctuary cities alone

President Donald Trump and his administration hates immigrants and everyone in favor of protecting them.

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