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Peace Conference exposes violence

The Peace Studies Minors and the Behavioral Science Club co-sponsored a Peace and Justice Conference held in Founders Auditorium on Tuesday.

Art department accentuates diversity, creativity

With a wide array of options, the University of La Verne's Art Department majors can emphasize in anything from art history to sculpting.

ULV student sentenced to 60 days, probation

Sophomore David Riffle was sentenced yesterday in Pomona Superior Court for the attack on senior Jamie Bigornia.

Letters to the Editor

We are writing in response to Robert Aguirre's letter [Feb. 28] regarding Jamie Bigornia's civil rights case.

Letters to the Editor

I was outraged when I read the article about David Riffle being convicted of violating Jamie Bigornia's civil rights ["Verdict reached in Bigornia case," Feb. 7].

Verdict reached in Bigornia case

Sophomore David Riffle was convicted and sophomore Eric Britton was acquitted yesterday at 2:30 p.m. on two misdemeanor counts stemming from a 1996 attack on senior Jamie Bigornia.

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