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Nunez named new safety director

John Lentz, director of campus safety and transportation, resigned on Aug. 31 and Michael Nunez was appointed as the new director.

HR says no to pets on campus

The Human Resources department sent a memo to all ULV employees last week informing them that the policy of having no animals on campus will be enforced.

Nunez brings safety skills to ULV

There’s a new face in the Campus Safety and Transportation Department at the University of La Verne. Former Chief of Police for the Compton Unified School District Michael Nunez was recently hired to be the new Assistant Director.


Eighteen University of La Verne students were randomly selected to participate in an informal survey to determine what the average person would do when put in three dangerous situations: a sexual assault attempt, a carjacking and the witnessing of a car accident.

Unpaid tickets contain hidden fees

Parking tickets need to be taken seriously. If they are not paid on time, the unpaid ticket fee quadruples, and may affect one's ability to renew his or her driver's license.

Emergency preparations taken at ULV

In this time of peril, as the government breeds thoughts of terrorist attacks, the rainy season is upon us, and the western region of the United States is experiencing an influx of geological activity, it is important for students to take safety into their own hands and prepare themselves for any disaster that may come their way.

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