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‘Insane’ Shane sets sights, future on Emmy

When people describe senior Shane Rodrigues, they all say the same thing: responsible, dedicated, honest. When Rodrigues describes himself, he says: happy, casual, friendly. But no matter who is describing him, all agree that he will be successful.

Signs of bad billboards

The Student Center, a place to relax and a vital part of the school community, is the heart, soul and billboard of ULV. Without it, where else would Top Gun and Goober known how special they are this week? Where else would big sis and li’l sis get to greet one another? Where else would the pep squad get to congratulate a team?

Letters to the Editor

In response to “Economic Solutions,” my first question is whether this is the writer’s true opinion or if it is an immature attempt to get a reader reaction.

In the News

Campus news for the week of Oct. 28, 1994.

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