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Convocation maps life’s road

Comparing life experience with shifting her Saturn, Elena Cardeña gave the spring Convocation lecture entitled “No Longer Stuck in Second Gear” in Founders Auditorium on Feb. 20.

Shields advocates preservation of identity

Valerie Shields, one of the founders of the National African American Youth Ministers Network delivered her African American Christian vision of leadership entitled “Kujenga,” telling students at the University of La Verne to re-educate themselves and to bring back the notion of “I am because we are.”

Lecturer urges homosexual awareness

Spreading his message of truth and love to end injustice towards homosexuals, Dr. Mel White, this fall’s Fasnacht lecturer, shared his personal story, Tuesday, in his speech and led a panel discussion that evening.

Dr. Relf advocates self-fulfillment in education

“Take Control of Your Education and Life” was the title of the speech given by Dr. William Relf, dean of the School of Business and Economics, at the Fall Convocation held last Friday in Founders Auditorium.

Dr. Lyman advocates Asian American rights

Dr. Stanford Morris Lyman, professor of social science at Florida Atlantic University and a leading authority on Asian Americans in the United States, confronted an issue yesterday that has been tossed back and forth in the U.S. court system—“The Asian American Quest for Civil Rights.”

Lecture features ’77 alumna

“Affirmative action: Taking a Sec­ond Look” will be the issue discussed by Renee L. Campbell, a ULV alumna, at the Honors program lecture Tuesday, March 28, at 11 a.m. in La Fetra Auditorium.

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