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Editorial: Local news is dying, and that has repercussions

Local news organizations have become a dying breed, and many do not realize the impact that this has on their lives, but there is still time to save it.

Sheriff tries to silence journalists

After the Los Angeles Times published an article about a cover up of violence by Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies, Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva insinuated that the author of the article should be subject to an investigation into the leaked footage.

Los Angeles Times vows to accurately cover racial issues after apology

The Los Angeles Times published an apology Sept. 27 for its failures in accurately covering issues of racial disparity and its own history of racism within the organization, showcasing the need to have diversity in the newsroom. 

Panel searches for truth among ‘fake news’

A panel presented “Fighting Fake News: Global Media Literacy for the 21st Century” Wednesday night to a crowd of nearly 50 in an aim to influence critical media literacy in every day media viewing.

Reporter, adjunct professor driven by love of sports

Like most adjunct professors, Lance Pugmire has to juggle teaching responsibilities with his regular job. However, unlike most adjunct professors at La Verne, the latter involves late night fights, going to New York on weekends and helping put mixed martial arts on the mainstream map. Such are the perks of being a sports writer for the Los Angeles Times.

Shutdown ends, problems persist

After 16 days, the government shutdown has finally ended with Congress giving final approval to a budget compromise. Yet it seems that just as effects were beginning to trickle down, citizens were barely starting to take notice.

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