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Rush job means repeat repairs

Two of the three on-campus dorms have elevators installed, and this semester alone, elevators in Vista La Verne and Citrus Hall have broken down three times.

Sewage backup closes theater

Faculty and students were allowed back into Dailey Theatre Wednesday after two sewage backups prompted evacuation, carpet replacement and air quality assessments over the past month.

Taking matters into his own hands

Gary Sykes, facilities management trade worker, installs a stainless steel kick plate on a door in the Vista La Verne residence hall March 8.

Dorm life needs some attention

The University of La Verne is a private school, and by default charges an arm and a leg, and another arm at that, for tuition, room and board.

Flood woes were preventable

The flooding from recent rainstorms has been a burden on both students and staff. Flooding and water intrusion spanned across the campus from Brandt Hall to the Arts and Communications Building.

Track problems throw ULV athletes off course

Maintenance problems with the track surface in Ortmayer Stadium have kept the University of La Verne track and field teams from hosting home track meets this year.

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