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Bill would ban usage of harmful chemicals

Assembly Bill 496 was introduced by California Assemblymember Laura Friedman (D – Glendale) on Feb. 7. If passed, this bill will ban the use of 26 toxic chemicals used in cosmetic products that are known to cause health and skin problems.

Best makeup products for college students on a budget

You do not need to spend a fortune to look like a beauty queen. The secret lies in choosing the right products that will help you achieve a perfect base and beautiful lashes without leaving a hole in your pocket.

Theater major brings monsters to life

Jordan Nelson is a theater major in her junior year, but her passion is not for memorizing lines and reciting soliloquies, it is for the behind the scenes magic that happens before the debut – the magic before the magic.

Makeup ad further stigmatizes women

The issue of women applying makeup on the go has never been a universal grievance but more like a pet peeve for those who believe it’s a matter of hygiene. However, Tokyu Corp. explicitly points to the problem in its ad, and it’s not about hygiene.

Cover boy breaks beauty norms

Cover Girl just hired its first cover boy, breaking boundaries and taking a huge step for men’s stake in the beauty industry.

Bootcamp gives audience monstrous night

Huddled in the left corner, two girls worked furiously, painting and drawing on their model’s face. Specs of gold glitter fluttered in the air as the bright light coming from above bounced off the shiny dust. Drowning Pool’s “Bodies” played as 20 students shuffled, stumbled and limped around in a circle in the center of the Jane Dibbell Cabaret Theater.

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