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Authorities should legalize marijuana

There is hope. Not a lot of hope, but it exists. An organization called "Citizens Against Violent Crime" has filed a new initiative titled "The Three Strikes Act of 2000." The initiative's goal is to change California's three strikes law so that it would only apply to violent and/or serious felonies. Finally! Some people have actually engaged in some kind of a reasonable thinking process. It was about time.

Debaters tackle legalization

Junior philosophy major John Keller elaborates on the pros and cons of drug legalization in an open forum presented by the Debate Team and the Theatre Arts Department in Cabaret Theatre last week.

Letter to the Editor

The author of “Ineffective Legislation” talked about the stiff sentences against marijuana, which is a much milder drug than alcohol. He asked, “Why have we reenacted such ineffective legislation which punishes people more harshly for selling marijuana than for killing with a gun?” The answer to his question lies in the legalization of the drug. About 40 million Americans smoke marijuana occasionally. Why not legalize it?

Ineffective legislation

Two years ago, Mark Young was sentenced by Judge Sarah Evans Barker to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole. He is not a murderer, rapist or even child molester. Those crimes might have justified such a sentence.

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