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Most students still masking up

In an informal study conducted with 20 students from the University of La Verne, 11 out of 20 said they will still be wearing their mask amid the University's lift of their mask mandate.

Coachella is risking lives for entertainment

After a two-year hiatus, Coachella – one of the most popular arts and music festivals in the United States – will return this April and be held at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California, with a catch. There will be no COVID-19 safety guidelines.

It is too soon to lift mask mandates

Los Angeles County has relaxed its indoor mask mandates. Businesses that want to allow customers and workers who are fully vaccinated not to wear masks may do so starting today.

COVID vaccination should be mandatory for high school students

The lack of COVID-19 vaccinations among high school students in California is disappointing. While 69% of all Californians have received at least one dose, according to USAFacts, that number is only 9.45% for 12-17 year olds.

Outdoor exercise should be done while masked up

ULV students, with so many others amid the pandemic, are exercising outdoors –  biking, running and hiking – more than ever. And although outdoor activity is safer, 10 out of 12 ULV students believe wearing a mask is still a must on trails and other popular outdoor spaces, according to a recent informal survey.  

Texas easing COVID restrictions too soon

While COVD-19 cases are going down and vaccinations are ramping up across the nation, it is still important to follow health officials guidelines set to keep people safe and ultimately end the pandemic.

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