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A century of La Verne sports

With over 400 athletes across 18 teams, it is easy to take La Verne’s athletic programs for granted. But as with many great things, our sports came from very humble beginnings.

Random parting words?

The typical “last column” is a chance for an editor to say goodbye and talk about their time at La Verne, Campus Times, etc. You know, all that sappy goodness.

Club West offering great options

Club West Volleyball has found a new home in the former La Verne Hockey Club facility to provide a wide variety of volleyball competition to all ages.

Letters to the Editor

I always find it interesting to see exactly what the administration finds to be important when it comes time for budget cuts.

No volleyball makes no cents

When a tuition shortfall forced all departments at the University of La Verne to re-evaluate their operations and make cutbacks, the athletic department came to an unexpected conclusion: the men's volleyball team would be eliminated.

Administrators spike men’s volleyball

Effective June 24, the prominent Division III men’s volleyball team at the University of La Verne was discontinued due to budgetary cutbacks within the athletic department.

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