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Student ambassadors engage in new program

Ten students were announced as the University’s first set of presidential ambassadors Sun­day at a ceremony held at the University House in Claremont.

Students, Lieberman protest proposed Cal Grant cuts

The proposed 2015-16 state budget includes an 11 percent cut in Cal Grants, which translates to nearly $1,000 less state money for each new student here.

Students still shopping Amazon, despite tax

Up until last month, Californians were not charged state tax by such popular online stores as Amazon, but as of Sept. 15, that changed along with some people’s shopping habits.

Honor code proposed for campus

The Associated Students of University of La Verne is trying to get students’ opinions on a potential school-wide honor code. They specifically are wondering if professors can trust students alone in a room with an exam, if this code were to be in place.

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