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School to start later under new California law

Starting in 2023, middle- and high school students in California will start their school days later thanks to a law signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom last month.

Sleepless in La Verne: Students skip rest for academics, but with consequences

A trend among University of La Verne students to skip sleep in favor of studying may be affecting more than their ability to stay awake in class.

Students need more sleep

Most students from the University of La Verne are not getting enough sleep. With the demands of classes, extra curricular activities and the train that goes by the dorms in the middle of the night, most feel that they do not have enough time or peace and quiet to sleep.

Drowsy driving common among Americans

Steven Falls used to only get two-to-three hours of sleep each night. As a 21-year-old college student balancing school, work and a social life, getting a good night’s sleep was not a top priority.

Students required to change sleeping habits

It's a popular subject on college campuses. You constantly hear people talking about not getting enough and wanting so much more. Just thinking about it makes you want to crawl into bed, pull the blankets over your head and get some -- sleep that is.

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