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Alumnus is first on scene at San Bernardino shooting

He sleeps with a police scanner next to his bed running 24/7, he keeps clothes laid out so he can hop into them and run out the door to cover something he heard on the police scanner at 3 a.m. La Verne alumnus Alex Vasquez started out reporting in Palm Springs after he graduated in 2005 and worked his way up to working for NBC 4 News, where he has been reporting as a photojournalist for the past nine years.

Librarian deemed as ‘Truest of Blue’

In honor of being selected as one of the six "Truest of the Blue" fans by the Los Angeles Dodgers over the summer, Sister Mary Dennis Peters, serials librarian for the University of La Verne, was interviewed at her home by KNBC on Wednesday morning. The video footage aired that evening on Fred Roggin's segment of the 4 o'clock news highlighted the final week of the regular baseball season.

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