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E3 feeds hungry game enthusiasts

The annual Electronic Entertainment Expo, widely known as E3, is considered the world’s most important trade show for the interactive entertainment industry.

Video Game Review: New releases raise Wi-Fi bar

A year after Nintendo released their innovative DS handheld, they introduced the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. The Wi-Fi connection is Nintendo’s online multiplayer service that is free to all users.

Video Game Review: ‘Mario’ spin-off is just peachy

With the success of Nintendo DS, Nintendo decided to try their hand at creating a game aimed at the female audience. A lot of companies have tried to capture the attention of that demographic, but with “Super Princess Peach,” Nintendo may be the first company to successfully do so.

Video Game Review: ‘Mario Kart’ launches DS style

“Mario Kart” fans cherish the widely known series, not only for its single-player game play, but also for its addictive, hectic multi-player races.

Video Game Review: ‘Castlevania’ lives up to series

“Castlevania” is a veteran franchise in the gaming industry, having started in the same era as “Super Mario Bros.” and “The Legend of Zelda.”

Sony’s Playstation Portable: pricey but playable

It has been just under a month since the Sony Playstation Portable, more commonly referred to as PSP, was released to the American market. This is as good a time as any to examine the status of the PSP in comparison to its rival, the Nintendo DS.

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