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Freshmen embrace a different start to college experience

Most high school graduates who dreamed of the college experience, expected, or at least hoped, that it would be live and in person. Then came COVID-19.

First Person Experience: Orientation Week Leaders inspire new students

As I woke up at the peak of sunrise, body aching from the day before, I still managed to get up rather perky because I knew Community Engagement Day was only a couple hours away.

Events make freshmen feel welcome

Starting the first year of college can be exciting and scary. The only way to find out the truth is to experience it.

Enrollment breaks university record

Although the tour guides at the University of La Verne have stayed true to the techniques they have used during previous orientations, La Verne started the spring semester with record-breaking enrollment.

Pirates host orientation carnival

Students awaited the beginning of the “Leopards of the Caribbean Carnival” as ASULV set up red and white striped tents at the Ortmayer Athletic Complex for the orientation week finale Sept. 3.

Freshmen meet their mentors

Kristen Campbell, public affairs major, and David Werner, associate professor of English, met in the Campus Center Ballroom to participate in the Lavernapalooza Luncheon on Aug. 31.

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