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Unpaid tickets contain hidden fees

Parking tickets need to be taken seriously. If they are not paid on time, the unpaid ticket fee quadruples, and may affect one's ability to renew his or her driver's license.

ULV Security gets ticketing duties

As of May 1, the University of La Verne's Campus Safety staff members will be issuing citations to all vehicles with parking violations.

LVPD defers tickets to ULV

Any resident of the city of La Verne can tell you that La Verne is a relatively safe area and a small town. Aside from the plethora of duties involved in being a police officer in this city, writing parking tickets is perhaps one of the responsibilities that keeps a La Verne police officer most busy throughout his or her day.

Ticket hysteria

How many people have accidentally rolled a little too confidently past the La Verne Police station after noon, neglected to park their car in a space on campus with all four tires completely within the two solid lines, or even worse, left their car parked outside on one of La Verne’s quiet, shady streets after 2 a.m.?

Clown is no Bozo

It is late afternoon in the city of Santa Cruz. The parking attendant is making her rounds, and she stops at a meter that has just expired. She draws out her pad of tickets, ready to cite the owner, when out of nowhere, a boisterous, red-nosed, colorfully adorned clown jumps in front of her, drops some change into the meter and gives his trademark Bozo laugh.

Parking violators face ticketing

The lack of parking at La Verne has drawn some audible whines and complaints from students this semester. And none too few have also been given tickets issued consistently by the La Verne Police Department, as well.

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