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Land of the free?

One of the most valuable privileges United States citizens have is the ability to live their lives with a certain amount of privacy and freedom.

Printing more than just a paper

I know that I am not alone when I say Big Brother has been getting a little too nosy over the last few years. Sure, I may sound a wee bit paranoid, but I can’t be the first person to wonder if her telephone conversations were being recorded or if that flower delivery truck parked across the street was really there to perform non-floral related services.

Resolution focus on civil liberties

The Faculty Assembly approved a resolution re-affirming student and faculty civil liberties.

National ID provides false security

Senate approval of a national ID card this week offers a false sense of security for the American people and will cause more damage than good.

Letters to the Editor

First, thanks for publishing my words, and thanks to those who appreciate them. I just prefer to be positive and constructive, without making obscene, self-righteous and ridiculous statements like our friend Todd Farrell (“Letters to the Editor,” Nov. 14).

Letters to the Editor

I am a student here at ULV and I am angry at your column titled “In Fear of a Pink Planet” (Nov. 21).

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