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Holidays bring out sheer terror

"Oh, it's the hap...happiest season of all...." I'm sure that the approaching holiday season has little kids making their wish lists, and parents stressing out like crazy, and that makes me wonder, "Is it really the happiest season of the year?"

Local music stores echo affordable CD prices

For college students the wallet almost always seems to be a little empty, especially when the craving for new tunes comes along. Do not fret – new CDs can be bought at a fraction of the prices retail stores sell them for, the key is knowing where to shop.

Shopping frenzy diminishes true spirit

Every year, before the country has even celebrated the Thanksgiving holiday, it seems that malls and retail stores across the nation are preparing for the Christmas season.

Malls supply holiday gift haven

Deck the malls with lots of shoppers. Fa la-la-la-la, la la la la.

Hypocrisy surrounds retail ban

It looks as if Wal Mart has done it again. In yet another attempt to preserve their family-friendly image, the discount chain has decided to display a retaliation of wounded pride by refusing to sell Sheryl Crow's new self-titled CD because of a lyric indicating that Wal Mart sells guns to children.

Spirit of the season—mall shopping

As another long-awaited holiday season nears, people are readily preparing for the gathering of family, the singing of carols, decorating the tree with garland, lights and popcorn and, of course, storming the nearest malls, department stores and shopping centers searching for the merchandise tags that declare items as “the perfect stocking stuffer” or “a great gift idea.”

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