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Prevention Center funds expire

The Fund for the Improvement of Post-Secondary Education (FIPSE), a grant that funds the University of La Verne’s Prevention Center, will expire on March 31, terminating Tracy Germann’s position as Prevention Center coordinator and leaving University administrators with the task of re-organizing Prevention Center programs.

‘Love Carefully Week’ comes to ULV

A portion the of AIDS Memorial Quilt was displayed this week in the newly dedicated Wilson Library. This quilt displays the names of eight people who have died from AIDS. The theme of the Memorial Quilt, "Love Carefully," is a saying known throughout the prevention field.

Program STEPs up to challenge

Is excessive alcohol consumption a necessary evil of college life? Or do most students make responsible choices and enjoy their college experience while drinking in moderation, or not at all?

Nachos, styrofoam, Earth Day

La Verne’s community, like most others, devotes one day per year to the problems of the Earth —Earth Day. Of course, the creators of Earth Day would have undoubtedly liked to see more people think of the Earth everyday. It is important that the tradition nor be mocked in its observance.

Different isn’t bad

Hello, my name is Rosie and I am a hill-billy-a-holic. Yes, I can admit to some of my not so trendy feelings. I find Stetson cologne appealing. Give me a man who wears Wranglers and I’m a happy cowgirl. My dream ranch is located in Nashville, Tenn. And last, but definitely not least, I no longer watch MTV, VH-1 or BET for videos; no, now I have CMT and TNN.

STEP program offers social alternatives

There’s something new within the Prevention Center this year. ULV students Shannon McCrea, Amy Hartnett, Cherryl Cercado and Martha Fernandez began the program and have been working on a new peer health services program with six others.

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