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Commentary: The evolution of horror movies

There are a lot of different elements that make up the essence of Halloween, such as costumes, family traditions, decorations and the actual history of the holiday. One of the most important parts of Halloween is the horror genre, more specifically scary movies. These films influence costumes and really big events to celebrate the spooky season, but it is important to recognize how these movies have progressed into what they are today. 

Movie Review: ‘Doctor Sleep’ more than just a sequel

“Doctor Sleep” premiered Nov. 8 and “Danny Boy” is back, but this time he is all grown up and yes, he still has his shine. 

Movie Review: ‘Pet Sematary’ fails the King of horror

The second adaptation of Stephen King’s “Pet Sematary” debuted last Friday, and if you are anything like me, you were waiting at the box office Thursday night just to see it. Unfortunately, my waiting proved to be disappointing.

Television Review: ‘Haunting of Hill House’ makes spooky debut

“The Haunting of Hill House” is the perfect binge series to get you seriously spooked in time for Halloween. The Netflix original series, a reimagining based on the 1959 gothic horror novel by Shirley Jackson, has been a trending topic on social media feeds everywhere.

Movie Review: ‘The Mist’ doesn’t blow audiences away

Terror and horror are words that put a sense of danger in the hearts of most people. But who would have thought that water vapor could be scary?

Never enough of the gory stuff

It’s no secret: I love blood and guts. I love campy thrills and over-the-top gore. I love staring at the big screen while watching some angst-ridden teen or distraught babysitter lose her head thanks to a creepy mental ward escapee in a hockey mask.

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