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ULV student-athletes recognized for academic merit

The University of La Verne had 178 student-athletes qualify for the Southern California Intercollegiate Athletic Conference’s All-Academic team for 2020-2021.

Bill would let college athletes profit

A bill introduced last month could allow college athletes in California to accept sponsorships and endorsements from third-party sources.

Commentary: NBA gives new meaning to the student athlete

Now that the college basketball season has ended it is time for decisions. The top college basketball prospects around the nation decide if they want to take their talents to the NBA. Many have already declared and many more will.

La Verne debates the pay of student-athletes

A topic debated among many in the college sports world is whether student-athletes should be paid for the revenue they bring in to their universities.

Here’s to all student-athletes

To honor student-athletes and their academic achievements, the University of La Verne athletic department hosted a roomful of scholar athletes on April 23. The event gave certificates of distinction to more than 70 athletes in the 19 different intercollegiate sports on campus.

Immoral misuse of a helping hand

ESPN’s “Outside the Lines” recently broadcast a story on the controversy of college athletes living in apartments designated for low-income families. This government project is also called section eight housing.

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