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Upland shop offers unique Friday the 13th flash tattoos

October brings fright, blood curdling screams and Halloween candy. This year’s was especially creepy because it marked the return of Friday the 13th.

Social activists take to body art

A wave of social and political movement tattoos have cultivated a form of activism through means of body art.

Tattoos leave a mark for the cure

Ink’d Chronicles tattoo studio held a breast cancer charity event, “Tattoos for the Cure,” from noon to midnight Saturday in the Pomona Arts Colony.

Pink, ink make money for the cure

Models sashayed down the pink runaway on Second Street as Ink’d Chronicles hosted its fourth annual Tattoo for the Cure on Oct. 15 in Pomona.

Young artists display their talents at Ink’d Chronicles

During the downtown Pomona Art Walk this month, the artwork of Gustavo Quintana and Lorenzo Ramirez were featured at the tattoo shop Ink’d Chronicles.

Needle inflicts cancer awareness

The second annual Tattoos for the Cure, a breast cancer charity event hosted by Ink’d Chronicles in Pomona on Saturday, helped raise over $6,000 for the Pomona Valley Hospital’s research on breast cancer.

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