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Lieberman focuses on 2020 strategic vision

President Devorah Lieberman gave the State of the University address last Friday in the Campus Center Ballroom as part of Friday Focus, a series of monthly meetings that discuss specific topics about the University.

‘True tuition’ may help retention

The University of La Verne has had trouble recently retaining students from freshman through senior years. There are undoubtedly many reasons for this retention problem. However, the fact that tuition increases by between roughly 4 percent and 6 percent almost every year in recent memory – or more than twice the rate of inflation – is most likely one of the main reasons.

Students appreciate transparency

The 3.88 percent tuition increase to be initiated for the upcoming school year is a crushing financial blow for many students. This increase, however, is modest compared to previous years. Although any increase is tough, this time administration took student input into account when choices were made.

Tuition to rise 3.88%

University of La Verne students will pay roughly $1,500 more to attend the University in 2017-18 than they did this year, thanks to a tuition increase of 3.88 percent scheduled to take effect in Fall 2017.

Free tuition plan is positive step

On April 9, New York’s state legislature approved Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s proposal to provide free college tuition to New York residents who are full-time students and earn less than $100,000 annually. In 2018, the cap will increase to $110,000 and then $125,000 in 2019.

Profs should consider textbook costs

When a new semester starts students often excitedly read their syllabi for the upcoming classes. Then to their dismay, they realize there is a list of books they need to buy – with some books costing up to $300 a piece.

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