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Video Game Review: ‘State’ of Indifference

Shortly after Rockstar Games gained mainstream interest with the success of “Grand Theft Auto 3,” they released another disturbingly violent game called “State of Emergency.”

Video Game Review: ‘Drill Dozer’ delights

Though it seemed unlikely, Game Freak finally took a break from its cash-cow series to create an entirely original Game Boy Advance game, “Drill Dozer.”

Video Game Review: ‘Mario Kart’ launches DS style

“Mario Kart” fans cherish the widely known series, not only for its single-player game play, but also for its addictive, hectic multi-player races.

Video Game Review: ‘Dracula’s’ Curse’ falls to competition’s stake

The “Castlevania” series has a lot of great games to its name. The 2-D titles like “Symphony of the Night” and last month’s “Dawn of Sorrow” are amazing games that lead the genre in every aspect. The 3-D installments, however, always seem to be one step behind their competition.

Video Game Review: ‘Colossus’ overshadows conventional games

“Shadow of the Colossus” defies video game conventions. Because of this, it is somewhat difficult to review it fairly.

Video Game Review: ‘Castlevania’ lives up to series

“Castlevania” is a veteran franchise in the gaming industry, having started in the same era as “Super Mario Bros.” and “The Legend of Zelda.”

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