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LV Tech Designs receives loan

Students in the Integrated Business Program, who operate the company LV Tech Designs, make new product presentation in the Landis Academic Center on Tuesday.

Don’t let local banks tank

The taboo of small, inconvenient and unknown local banks and credit unions will soon disappear with the rising trend of many Americans moving their savings out of large “Too Big to Fail” banks and into smaller community banks.

Fair offers ULV job opportunities

This year’s career fair held at Sneaky Park on Tuesday was an opportunity for many graduating seniors and current students to get information on jobs and internships.

Entertainment Briefs

Campus and community arts events for the week of Sept. 21, 2001.

Bank approves ULV for $1.5 million

The University of La Verne has established a $1.5 million credit line through Wells Fargo Bank.

ATM banking not customer friendly

Bank card in hand, I cruise down to D Street and Bonita to use the closest Wells Fargo ATM. Check in my other hand, I am already envisioning the digitized numbers popping up on the screen and adding to my account.

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