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Excitement begins as the Oscars draw closer

One of Hollywood’s most glamorous evenings is just days away.

Summer 2002 delivers many anticipated films

Let the games begin.

Oscar aims to please

It is two years after the millennium and countless years into the "future," but when it comes to choosing performances that represent how much society has evolved, the Academy Awards (celebrating its 74th birthday on March 24) are still stuck in the past (think 1950s past).

Entertainment Briefs

Campus and community arts events for the week of Feb. 15, 2002.

Movie Review: ‘Bagger Vance’ not swinging

The previews tend to bring out the best lines in this movie. As always, they are the lines that drag you into a theater, but leave you wanting more witty lines. Needless to say, after watching "The Legend of Bagger Vance," I left the theater a little unsatisfied.

Oscar race ‘Almost’ started

It is the end of September and still nearly seven months before every star bedazzles their dress, highlights their hair and hooks with the newest "hottie," but already in the Hollywood industry people and moviegoers are predicting and handicapping their best guesses for the 2000 Academy Awards Ceremony.

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