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Chapel repairs costly

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by Vicky Cabezas
Staff Writer

Water damage to the University of La Verne chapel, caused by a clogged sewer line March 27, is in the process of being repaired by commencement day, May 27.

Total cost of replacing walls, furnishings and carpet is estimated at between $10,000 and $12,000, said Brian Worley, buildings and grounds superintendent.

Complete restoration of the sewer line, which runs adjacent to ULV, will be completed this summer. “The city will dig up the quad and cut the tree (a Modesto Ash tree near the chapel) this summer,” said Worley.

The roots of the tree caused back up of waste water into the ULV Chapel, flooding the basement classroom with three feet of water. “The sewer line is functional, but the roots are damaging the lines,” said Worley.

After the flood, the sewer line was inspected from the inside and filmed using a video camera. “The city has to film the sewer line again,” Worley said, “in order to see where the roots are damaging the sewer line.”

Worley added, “The city will schedule and handle the sewer line’s reparation. Repair­ing the chapel is part of the University of La Verne’s duties. It is a shame that the tree might be cut, but the roots are damaging the pipe lines, and just cutting the tree will cost approximately $1,000,” said Worley.

Added Worley, “ULV can ensure that this problem does not come up (again) by using the check valve. The check valve didn’t work because it was rusted. (Now), we have to excavate and replace it. This will prevent it (the backup of waste water in the chapel caused by the sewer lines) from ever happening again.”

Repair to the Chapel continues. “Things that needed to be taken out have been removed,” said Rev. Glenn Nestlerode, campus minister.

“Furniture needs to be reupholstered, carpet has been ordered, and workers are lined up to work on the wall,” Worley said. “Those are some of the things that need to be cared for in order to have complete chapel reparation.”

“Right before commencement, complete reparation of the chapel is expected,” said Worley.

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