Parking squeeze hits ULV

by Steven C. Benjamin
Staff Writer

Parking at the University of La Verne has again been brought to question as some students fear that the current con­struction of the new library may block spaces on the corner of C and Second street, as well as those in the Wilson Library parking lot.

Brian Worley, director of facilities management at UL V, has seen to it that the inconvenience is minimal.

Some solutions in effect to maximize spaces around campus include: having the construction workers move their vehicles to Sneaky Park, getting the con­struction site condensed, and promoting ride share and van pooling among the faculty.

The trusses, now stacked along Second Street, will soon be removed and a new city ordinance has been passed to add diagonal parking spaces along D Street, between Third and Arrow, which will add 19 new spaces.

Worley noted that a survey was taken last year which showed that the University was well within regulations, being required to provide at least one space per faculty and one space for every three full-time students.

By law, the University is required to provide 425 parking spaces. Last year’s survey showed that 474 spaces were available.

To ensure that the numbers are accu­rate, some personnel are sent to survey all of the parking areas near the University and count the available num­ber of spaces.

Worley doesn’t feel that the parking problem this year is much worse than it has been in the past.

“The worst time we have is at the beginning of the year,” said Worley. He felt that after students become settled, and know where they need to go, that they will find that parking spaces around campus will gradually increase.

“Parking is a matter of perspective,” he said. “Everyone is looking for the optimum space and we need to realize that a little walking is healthy.”

Some students have complained about being ticketed by the La Verne Police Department for various viola­tions which include backing into diago­nal spaces, parking in places without a white line on both sides of the vehicle, using handicap and carpool spaces without permits, and parking along red painted curbs or no parking signs.

“There is not a lot the University can do about tickets,” said Worley. “It’s important that they (students) observe the laws, because they will be ticketed.”

Worley added that additional signs will be posted along the access areas to the construction site. He also pointed out that there are usually parking spaces available in the lot on B Street, across from Brandt Hall.

Steven C. Benjamin
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