Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I am commenting about the article written last year, “GLBSU works to resurrect presence,” April 30, 1999, by Jeanette M. Neyman.

My name is Jamie Bigornia and I graduated in 1997. I was the president of the GLBSU when I was an undergrad and I was very “out” in or out of campus. Although I was involved in a bar fight with a few of the baseball players on campus, I didn’t let it hinder me from being myself.

I am surprised that in this time of age where diversity and so much talk about homosexuality in the media, people are being put back in the closet because of fear of getting “outed” or gay-bashed because of who they are.

I am living in New York City now and I am very involved in the gay community here. I would like to be involved in the resurrection of the GLBSU on campus and if I have to go there and give a speech on being gay, I would be glad to do it-for whom ever is interested in listening to my story – straight or gay!

And for “George,” just be strong and believe in who you are and that will carry you thru the hardest times.

Thank you for listening and giving me this opportunity to support the GLBSU, even if its in hiatus right now!

Jamie Bigornia (’97)
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Dear Editor,

I was browsing the web last night and I came across a remarkable on-line collegiate newspaper, University of La Verne’s Campus Times Online. I just want you to pass my words of praise along to every member of your staff, especially Greg MacDonald. His strong opinions and insight are unparalleled by any journalist who has ever received a Pulitzer Prize. My hat’s off to Greg MacDonald and the rest of your staff.

Nathan Dean
Harvard University
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