The Spot looking for change in renovation

Jill Coverdale, supervisor of The Spot, takes a food order from freshman Fabiola Ochoa. / photo by Jamie Bigornia
Jill Coverdale, supervisor of The Spot, takes a food order from freshman Fabiola Ochoa. / photo by Jamie Bigornia

by Ryan Sones
Staff Writer

Known to the University of La Verne community as a place for eating convenience, The Spot is attempting to present new ideas and better food for its customers.

Associate Food Service Director Jeff Sisson said, “All the food is being cooked fresh instead of how they [The Spot] used to stockpile certain amounts of food from earlier in the day until closing.”

One major change that Aramark would like to achieve is the renovation of The Spot.

However, the renovation conflicts with the overall renovation of the Student Center being planned by the school.

“The biggest reason that has made the changes possible is the staff, they have been the only reason that we have been able to make these changes,” said Jill Coverdale, The Spot supervisor.

“The school feels that a renovation of The Spot prior to the entire renovation of the center would or may hinder the floor plans of the center’s renovation,” said Sisson. “So it is likely that The Spot will be renovated but not until the school goes ahead with their plans for the Student Center.”

Junior Joel Harworth said, “The Spot has improved since my first trip here my freshman year. Some of the improvements are subtle but the important one, food quality, has definitely gotten better. Room for further improvements is still there though.”

“Now they have a better variety and selections of food such as the combo meals, including bacon cheeseburgers, versus the past with just regular cheeseburgers and the staff workers seem to actually care about what the students are getting,” said junior Chris Malone.

“The other servers and myself want to make the food better for the students. By no means are we wanting to serve a bad meal. We also have lowered the prices of our combo meals in order to accommodate certain combos to students on mealplans,” said Carmen Tate, night shift supervisor.

Director of Food Services, Armen Ananian is also trying to make possible the addition of a coffee cart which would offer a variety of coffees separate from The Spot altogether.

Incorporated in the cart would be espresso, café mocha and capuccino. The deal should be closed with either Starbucks or Java Coffee by next fall.

“We have been really trying to improve our facilities with the new staff we have, but the main problem is just lack of space,” said Coverdale. “Once we are able to renovate, we will be able to incorporate better ideas to suit the students. Everything you see here now was donated to the school over 10 years ago and it is time for a change.”

Ryan Sones
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Jamie Bigornia
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