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Dear Editor,

Regarding “International week displays the colors of our world” (Dec. 5): The article was a good review and recap of a fulfilling and educational day of activities on Nov. 20 during International Education Week—including both the noontime International Festival and the evening International Fashion Show.

I need to note the following corrections:

1. The article identified as Chinese the booth that was in fact Taiwanese. Students from Taiwan did the excellent artwork, writing, and tasty food on the booth described at the end of the article.

2. Students from two organizations sponsored the festival: the International Student Organization (ISO) and the ELS Language Center La Verne (ELS), a partner English as a Second Language program (ESL) on our campus.

In addition, it is worth noting that:

1. Jazmyne Lewis, of the Campus Activities Board, spent months working with ISAC and students from ISO organizing and planning the International Fashion Show. She deserves recognition for her efforts.

2. Eric Wang, who coordinated the Taiwan booth and modeled in the Fashion Show, deposited $1,800 of his own money for the security of clothes and other items used at both the festival and the fashion show. His was a significant commitment to the efforts of the day.

It was a rewarding day.

Philip Hofer, Director
International and Study Abroad Center

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