Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,
We do not agree with any references in the column “Diversity leading to destruction,” published in the Nov. 6 edition of the Campus Times, that implied that AIDS is a gay disease, because this statement is far from factual.

If the author did not intend to insult, we expect a written apology addressing everyone that was hurt. True, Obama did repeal the AIDS Ban; it was not, however, to “give what the gay community desired.”

As of right now,what the gay community desires most the repeal of Proposition 8.

The ban restricting individuals with HIV/AIDS from immigrating into the United States was lifted because Obama knew how widespread AIDS is and felt that these people did not deserve to be discriminated against because of a disease that is out of their control.

AIDS is not a gay disease, and connecting the two is completely erroneous and degrading.

The article was an example of irresponsible journalism and should have had its facts checked and sources to support its claims.

Among the facts: “Worldwide more than 75 percent of all adult HIV infections result from heterosexual intercourse.” Additionally, “Heterosexual transmission accounts for an increasing proportion of AIDS cases in the United States. From 1985 to 1995, the proportion of U.S. AIDS cases attributed to heterosexual transmission grew from 2.5 percent to 15.1 percent.” These are facts found at www.healthsquare.com/aids_stats.htm and prove AIDS is a virus that is a global concern to everyone, not just homosexual individuals.

The opinions reflected in the article were made poorly and were the result of an uneducated inaccuracy that should never have made it to press.

Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion; however, its the responsibility of the newspaper staff to print factual information.

After reading the article many were hurt. The support needed for the GLBT community on campus is not as prevalent as it should be; the article was a clear representation of this.

To this day there are those who are openly mocked at ULV because of their sexual orientation.

We would like to see in the not-so-distant future is for all faculty to have a Safe Zone Training sticker on their doors. We would like to see discrimination against anyone to be unacceptable and reprimanded as harshly as plagiarism is. We would like to see a ULV where differences are accepted and openness is common practice – to ensure a diverse campus, because through diversity comes unity.

Anastasia Lomas
President, Rainbow Alliance

Anastacia Lomas

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