First Person Experience: A look into Pinterest DIY remedies

Tyler Harrison
Staff Writer

Pinterest, the online do it yourself guide, provides many at home remedies. When I was standing with oil in my hair, honey dripping down my face, blue stained feet, it was clear to me that Pinterest features both hits and misses.

Pinterest has tutorials from eye shadow contouring to bartending to nursery decor. The site is full of ‘why didn’t I think of that?’ solutions to life’s everyday mishaps, natural remedies for ailments and crafting tutorials.

But is it possible to make beauty breakthroughs in your dorm room?

While browsing the hair and beauty section of Pinterest, I was bombarded with trending hair styles, drug store versions of brand name makeup and off-the-wall solutions to beauty emergencies such as banana peels as an acne treatment.

When looking for DIY spring solutions, I decided to work from head to toe.

Coconut oil is a popular product that is said to be a miracle in creating soft and shiny springtime hair. Upon searching “coconut oil hair,” I saw there were many pins endorsing the practice however there were not many explaining how precisely to use coconut oil in the hair.

Most recipes recommended warming up the oil, which is a jelly consistency, to liquid form and letting it sit as a mask from anywhere from 10-30 minutes. My long, fine hair ended up only needing about three tablespoons. It took all of about three minutes to warm up the coconut oil and apply it to my hair, which I then tied up.

The solution did not drip, smelled pleasant and allowed me to complete other tasks while it sat. When time was up and I rinsed out the coconut oil, it took a little more time, and product, than I expected. After blow-drying my hair, I was extremely pleased with the results. My hair was soft to the touch and undertone colors in my hair shined more vibrantly than ever.

Coconut oil is a relatively inexpensive, quick and easy way to give your hair a little pizzazz.

However, proceed with caution and give the treatment a trial run in advance based on thickness and length of your hair. Some hair types tend to hold oil more than others and too much coconut oil makes hair appear greasy.

A springtime must have is a dewy and delicate complexion and there is no better way to achieve this look than with naturally radiant skin.

When I searched ‘facial’ on Pinterest, a resounding theme seemed to be honey, cinnamon and nutmeg.

The directions seemed simple enough: one tablespoon honey, one teaspoon nutmeg, one teaspoon cinnamon, mix it all together.

Mixing the concoction was simple, but did not produce the relaxing aroma I desire in a mask. Applying the mixture was easy.

The mask was supposed to sit for 20 minutes. My mask stayed on for about 15 minutes because it dripped constantly down my face, onto my clothes and the floor. It did not harden or give me a tingling sensation, as do most facial products. The most enjoyable part of the mask was rinsing it off.

The mask is not a recipe I would try again because I was disappointed with the lack of results.

My face was not softer nor was my skin brighter. In my experience, a better solution is to splurge for a facial product to help your face be springtime soft.

Spring is a time of transition in season and in footwear. Often, this leaves feet in need of some moisture and attention. I found a popular spa treatment that promised to leave feet sandal ready.

The recipe called for a quarter cup of Listerine, a quarter cup of vinegar and a half cup of water. I knew immediately I wanted to soak my feet in a little more liquid and doubled the recipe. It took all of two minutes to gather and measure all the ingredients. Soon, my feet were soaking in a blue bucket.

My feet felt soft during the process and I hoped for a Pinterest win. After removing my feet I was horrified to see a light blue tint across my soles. My feet were left no more moisturized than before and blue until I scrubbed them clean.

From my experience, it is best to leave some things to the professionals. Feet and pedicures are no exception. Plus, there is something to be said about the ambiance and relaxation of going to the salon.

All in all, Pinterest is a great place to find low-cost beauty solutions. Doing it yourself is a great resource, however, for a beauty on a budget, if you’re willing to give it a few practice rounds and get your hands —and feet — dirty.

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