Regalado will continue to champion students in new role

Rashonda Taylor
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Effective April 1, Juan Regalado is now the University of La Verne’s chief student affairs officer after his former position as dean of students.

Regalado has worked for the Office of Student Life for nine years, and held the position of dean of students for two years.

In his new role, his additional supervisory duties include the student health center with additional student support programs and services, Regalado said. 

Regalado said since starting at the University he has felt a connection to its students, many of whom come from a similar background.  Like more than 50 percent of La Verne students, Regalado is a first generation college student, and like many, he was born “somewhere else.” 

Regalado was born in San Salvador, El Salvador. 

“I am pleased that Juan Regalado accepted the position,” University President Devorah Lieberman said in a recent email. “I applaud and value his vision, leadership, work ethic, values, and desire to enhance our student experience.” 

Regalado’s promotion also puts him on the President’s Executive Cabinet, made up of the University’s top administrators. 

Regalado has a reputation among students for being their champion. 

“While the whole coronavirus pandemic was going on, Juan was the first person to step up to the plate, and (he) tried to settle the situation before it got bad,” said Siboney Ioppolo, senior criminology major and residential assistant for Vista La Verne. “Juan has gone above and beyond for any of the students that came to him for help, and he would not be described as your typical 9 to 5 worker, because he would literally stay there until my shifts were over, which is 10 p.m.”

Ioppolo added that Regalado is a great person to talk to.

Regalado succeeds Loretta Rahmani, who also was instrumental in hiring him nearly a decade ago.  

“He believes in providing the services to develop the whole student academically,  physically, socially, spiritually and more,” Rahmani said. “Juan is creative and a great problem solver with a caring and humanistic approach.”

Additional duties for Regalado will include overseeing the academic supportive offices, student engagement offices and housing offices, Regalado said. 

Regalado said that from this new position he will  have more contact and influence across the University. 

“We have opportunities to get better, but how we get better and how we take care of our students (is critical),”  Regalado said.

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