Academic Awards Recipients, 2019-2020

Academic departments each year identify students who have been recognized for academic achievement. Along with this recognition, each candidate is gifted a special commemorative pen that is embossed with their full name. We are delighted to recognize the following student scholars on behalf of the academic departments who nominated them:

ASC Tutors
Joylin McFarlane
Jianfeng Yin

Athletic Training
Madison Davenport

Aldo Arce
Javier De Santiago

Broadcasting – Radio
Zachary Niccoli
Emily Zapata

Broadcasting – Television
Billy Lopez
Julie Venegas

Sophia Antillon
Carly Shipman

Karina Solis

Communications/Broadcast Journalism
Brianna Estrada
Nicolette Rojo

Adrian Lopez
Isabella Dominquez

Communications/Public Affairs
Remy Hogan
Priscilla Applebee

Computer Science/Engineering
Austin Dempsey
Patrick Petrossian

Computer Science/Info Science
Abdulrahman Aljassim
Dominic Fierro

Computer Science/Internet Programming
Alea Alvarez
Christopher Grime

Computer Science/Software
Laurel Boc
Kassandra Inzunza

Creative Writing
Hannah Schultz
Krista Nave

Johnathan Baboyan
Marwan Hassan

Educational Studies
Jade Hackbarth
Megan Shockey

Carla Espinosa
Michael Bishop

Information Technology
Andrew Magana
Abel Rosales

International Studies
Isaiah Luna

Jocelyn Arceo
David Gonzalez

Joren Francisco
Nadine Kong

Legal Studies
Laura Acuna
Jacqueline Eggers
Diana Higgins
Kira Kiara
Martha Macias-Navarro
Kaley Rivanis

Taylor Francis
Qi Chen

Rebecca Barton
Nathaniel Owensby

Ariel Torres

Ross Mayer
Christian Billings

Political Science
Jacob Rodriguez
Abigail Rees

Social Science
Sarah Morales

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