Brother’s Forum rebrands as Kings’ Ascension

Brother’s Forum is a club at the University of La Verne established by Emmett Terrell 40 years ago to cater towards Black men’s health, academics, and personal struggles. This year, the club plans to rebrand to be more inclusive, and has a new name – Kings’ Ascension.

Former President Drake Ingram, senior criminology major, and President Manny Forde, sophomore rhetoric communications major, made the decision to rebrand the club to become Kings’ Ascension with help from their mentor and ULV alumnus Chavon Jackson.

“This shift has allowed people of all ethnicities and genders into our club, so now rather than being exclusively for Black men, it is open to everyone on campus,” Forde said.

Although the club is now more inclusive, they are still grounded with the club’s main focus – acknowledging the rights of Black men and issues on campus that affect the Black male student population.

“Changing the name allows us to metaphorically start new and reintroduce ourselves as something new,” Ingram said. “We plan to be more open to more groups and allies, as well as being more social.”

Another focus King’s Ascension looks into is increasing attention and influence of Black organizations on campus. Still in the works, the club plans on partnering with the Black Student Union, Sanctioned Step Team, and eventually the Divine Nine fraternities and sororities.

“This transition is really awesome because it allows this space to be open for everyone to come learn, grow, appreciate Black culture, and become an ally in a safe and educated way,” Forde said.

Meetings for Kings Ascension will be held at the Landis Academic Building in the Howell Board Room, Wednesdays at 3 p.m.

—Robyn Jones

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Robyn Jones is a senior journalism major and sports editor for the Campus Times. She is also a member of Iota Delta and a freelance photographer whose work can be found on Instagram at @jnaisphotos.


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