Aryn Plax

Los Angeles County Supervisors could be first all-female board

State Sen. Holly J. Mitchell announced her campaign to run for the 2nd district seat of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors.

Politics impacts teaching

After Donald Trump’s unlikely victory in the 2016 election, a student noticed a change among his peers. To him the campus seemed dead, and its student body appeared to experience the six stages of grief.

Bill responds to measles epidemic

In light of the rising rates of measles, State Sen. Richard Pan, D-Sacramento, a pediatrician, introduced legislation that aims to curb the sale of false medical exemptions for vaccinations.

Commentary: What we can learn from Poway

In the Diaspora, we observe an eighth day of Passover, during which we celebrate the conclusion of a holiday that honors the Exodus and we say Yizkor, a memorial prayer for the deceased recited four times a year.

Bills would help renters, homeless

California has the highest homeless population in the nation and few restrictions exist to protect tenants from drastic rent increases.

New law boosts women in leadership

Seven months ago, 94 corporations had no women on their boards. As of March 25, 32 of these corporations, or 34 percent of them, have added at least one woman, in compliance with a new state law.

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