Jose Hernandez

Chamber Music class provides entertainment

Sounds of the Americas were heard last Friday afternoon in the University Chapel as the Chamber Music class provided entertainment from vocal to instrumental performances as part of their Spring recital.

Prism Review goes to print

Writing aficionados, creative writing students and supporters united at the Harris Art Gallery last Thursday evening for a night dedicated to the 12th edition of Prism Review.

Martial arts demonstration promotes wellness

Students received a glimpse of Brazilian jiu-jitsu Wednesday afternoon in Sneaky Park when demonstrators spotlighted self-defense and the importance of fitness.

Morecki-Oberg reflects on teaching

Professor of Education Carol Morecki-Oberg recently came back from a sabbatical in which she left behind traditional research methods and took a journey of reflection.

Politics, multiculturalism and corruption considered

Military, government, academia high-ranking officials and policymakers united for the common interest of law in post-conflict states – in this instance, Afghanistan.

Technology reforms research methods

Donna Bentley presented the essence of her new research in a lecture for students and faculty, concerning the implementation of tutorials for students’ research on Monday in the Presidents Dining Room.

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