Michael Escañuelas

Dave Trautz discovers a new sound

Establishing a folk music sound is not an easy task, but artist Dave Trautz is beginning to find his voice through his passion and honesty in his first double solo release, “Good News” and “Saviors.”


Campus and community arts events for May 21, 2010.


Campus and community arts events for May 14, 2010.

Gandhi urges peace

The message of peace and nonviolent response was brought to a full house at the University of La Verne on Friday with a lecture by Arun Gandhi.

The Wonder Years talk progress

There is no better feeling than watching the blossoming flower of a band grow into something as unique as the Wonder Years.

Commentary: Getting ‘lost’ in the hype?

Upon learning of the series “Lost” when it first aired back in 2004, I was instantly curious, but I never followed through with my curiosity and did not follow the series until the end of the fifth season.

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