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Campus news for the week of March 20, 1998.

Prism celebrates 20 years of creativity

Marine Gradzhan, admissions representative for the University of La Verne, reads from her short story, "Another Letter," in the 20th Anniversary Edition of Prism literary journal.

Borders has been trendy for years while other bookstores are just getting it now

Borders is not just another bookstore. It is a place where people of all ages can go to enjoy themselves. Whether it be coffee, music, muffins or art, Borders has it and people are taking advantage of the opportunity.

Herald of the be-bop apocalypse

Allen Ginsberg, one of the last surviving fathers of the Beat Generation, died at age 70 Saturday morning of terminal cancer spurned on from the liver disease that had been eating away at his body for years.

Novel exposes bare truth of ‘Strip Tease’

Forget the movie. Forget Demi Moore. Forget the nudity. Carl Hiaasen's "Strip Tease," written three years before Moore made headlines for accepting $12 million for the starring role, is a dark, witty political satire with one main message at its core: politics is a dirty business, but, then again, so is everything else.

ULV publications showcase talent

In Prism and La Vernácula, the two magazines considered to be the voice of ULV, pictures of beauty and words of wisdom are captured in photographs, poems, short stories and art by members of the University community.

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