Book Review: ‘Primary Colors’ gives political insight

A womanizing, overeating, uninformed southern governor runs for president on a platform of not being a politician and appealing to the “normal” folks. By a fluke, he does surprisingly well, overcoming nearly impossible odds and wins the Democratic primary.

Poetry event celebrates black history

February is Black History Month and the Afrikan-American Student Union (AASA), along with director, Nichole Mhoon, sophomore, organized a poetry reading on Monday, Feb. 12.

Givens’ poetry sends personal message

“The Black Woman Speaks: A Message to All” was presented on Tuesday night in the Cabaret Theatre. In the 15-minute program, seven female African-American students performed a medley of opinionated poetry along with senior psychology major and ethnic studies minor DiShawn Givens, who wrote the pieces.

Prism takes on new look, outlook

Seventeen years ago, the Associated Student Forum published the first issue of Prism, the literary magazine of the University of La Verne. Prisms, as it was then called, contained typewritten pages of poetry and prose. Today the contents of Prism, now published by the English and foreign language departments, remain much the same. The editorial board, however, hopes to change not only the look but the reputation of the magazine.

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