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photo courtesy of Scion

Scion tC’s popularity is no accident

If something is really popular, it should be really good, right? With that in mind, the Scion tC, the lone two-door offering from Toyota’s youth brand and the car whose picture is probably next to the definition of “ubiquitous” in the dictionary, should be one of the best cars in history, right? Well, not exactly, […]

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Tom Anderson, Editor in Chief

From the editor…

Question: Would you support the idea of the government licensing anyone aged 16 or older and in good physical health to not just own a firearm, but to carry it around loaded in his hand with the safety off just about everywhere, including in front of schools, malls and bustling city centers?

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Batteries will play a big role in tomorrow’s cars

Despite tax credits dwindling with sales, and the state of California reaching its limit for carpool exemption stickers to distribute, automotive industry experts say sales of hybrid electric vehicles like the Toyota Prius show no signs of slowing down. If anything, hybrids are poised to evolve into even more efficient and even more mainstream vehicles […]

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