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Loud and Clear: United in the Streets: May Day: The People

With flags held high, the smell of sage burning through the wind and the voices of over 15,000 fellow marchers, the May Day General Strike closed down Spring Street in downtown Los Angeles on May 1.

Loud and Clear: United in the Streets: ‘Find your advocacy’ marches in solidarity against oppressive policy

“We need to activate people,” said Thomas Allison. “Activate everyone – those who are suffering and those who are not.”

Loud and Clear: Divided in the Streets: Declaration Avenue

The protests began on Inauguration Day. Enter protesters in the streets. Thousands of people swarmed the steps of City Hall, chanting in solidarity against the new administration.

On the road…

Automotive news for the week of May 18, 2007.

Faculty and staff have memorable rides

It seems like car enthusiasts and many non-enthusiasts are able to define the different eras of their lives by what car they owned, had in their family or were around most often at that time.

Tire maintenance is critical to safety and efficiency

It may seem hard to believe, but arguably the most important parts on your vehicle in terms of efficiency, safety and performance are the tires. Even though the amount of each tire’s surface touching the ground at any given time is relatively tiny, those four contact patches, as they are known, have the final say when it comes to acceleration, braking and steering. As a result, it should go without saying that keeping those big rubber hoops in top form is a very big deal.

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